Peter Jensen is a fully insured French registered Artisan

French Insurance

There are 2 types of insurance an 'enterprise' can have in France, the Assurance Civile and the Assurance Decennale.

The Assurance Civile is a public liability insurance covering damage to the existing building, neighbouring buildings, persons on site and third party claims.

The Assurance Decennale is a third party insurance-backed 10 year warranty. It covers damage caused by any failure of the works carried out. This insurance gives you peace of mind as it covers you for the full 10 years - whether the Artisan is still trading or not. It is only available to those artisans that have proven to the insurance company that their qualifications are substantial and genuine.

Peter Jensen carries both types of Insurance for complete peace of mind and security for all.

After an initial consultation, you will be given a comprehensive quotation, detailing the work involved, the total cost of the work along with the required deposit and payment schedule. The labour charge and any material costs will be clearly listed on an attached sheet, enabling you to fully understand and agree to the schedule of works.

All prices are a total cost for the project. We don't quote day rates where costs can easily spiral.

The quotations are fixed  per square meter or linear meter or unit prices.

As with work for all artisans, there are no extra costs.