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Because of the cold climate where Peter was trained as a carpenter, Scandinavian energy efficiency standards have been much advanced for decades. It’s only now that the rest of Europe has started to catch up


Peter only fits good quality products - reputation is everything.

All double glazed windows are NOT the same.

Be aware there are so many inferior products out there.

Expert Advice

Peter is happy to talk through and explain to you the various options when buying new windows as there are so many different profiles and glass on the market.  He will assist you to make an unbiased informed choice as an expert who’s been installing windows all over Scandinavia and Europe since 1989.  Peter has been here in Brittany as a registered Artisan since 2006.

Ten Year Guarantee

All works are finished to the highest standard and come with ten year guarantee on the windows and doors and workmanship

We have many styles to choose from WOOD ALU UPVC all sizes shapes and colours

Can you guess which one of these images is actually highly energy efficient triple glazed upvc?

Double glazed solid oak clear finish

Laniscat.  Peter was working with the original A frame that the client wanted to keep as feature.  The windows are double glazed solid oak with a clear finish.

Triple glazed upvc oak effect

This was a renovation project on the North Coast.  The windows are triple glazed upvc oak effect.

Velux windows

This project was at Saint Aignan.  The Velux windows were installed during the renovation.

An internal shot of the Laniscat project.

Notice the oak timber which is framing the window.

 New oak windows and doors which are double glazed.

Here, we had to match the doors with the windows.  They open with zero aluminium threshold.

A work in progress at St. Aignan.  Again this is showing zero aluminium threshold.

In Laniscat, Peter had a  total house renovation. He also built  a ground floor extension to the back and constructed decking into a new roof  with patio doors so clients can enjoy sun setting with a glass of wine.

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